About Us

Catskill Packing Co. LLC is a custom exempt slaughter house/meat processing facility in the heart of Catskills. We pride ourselves in maintaining a Farm To Table standard for our customers by having our facility located directly on the farm. Our customers can expect quality products made from their animal.


Serkan; is the owner and runs Catskill Packing. He has been in the production and processing of livestock industry for over 15 years. He has completed the meat processing and safety course at SUNY Cobleskill, worked at numerous USDA inspected facilities, and is also registered with New York Ag and Markets to perform religious slaughter for the public. 

Shamil;  runs the tech side of catskill packing and packaging. He is the head shepherd who takes care of all the livestock. He also assist in butchery as well as the office.

Tom; our floor manager has been in the livestock industry all of his life from growing up on the farm to managing and tending to 300 head of cattle.