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Catskill Packing wants to provide the local community with the best quality care for our clients because we know how hard it is to raise animals for your friends and loved ones. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears go into every animal. Since October 2020, we have met and partnered with so many local farmers, butchers, and chefs, to either have their livestock processed or provide them a means to get locally produced beef, lamb, Goat, and poultry. They love our services because we care about quality, not quantity. We want to build Catskill Packing Butcher Shop New York as a place; farmers, producers, wholesalers, and whoever wants products from farm to table can come to get superior quality processing and the highest quality beef, lamb, and Goat.

Beef Custom Processing

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Goat & Lamb Processing

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Deer Processing

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What do we slaughter in our slaughterhouse?

In our meat processing facility, we specialize in Beef, Goat, Lamb, and Deer. We also slaughter chickens. We have a highly efficient team who ensures animals harvest in the most humane way possible. Aside from that, we also have a strict quality control process to ensure only the best meat for our customers.

Catskill Packing provides our customers with the highest quality, locally raised, grass-fed meat is one of our greatest passions at our slaughterhouse. We understand that when it comes to consuming meat, people want to know that the animals treat with respect and care throughout their lives and during the slaughtering. Because of this, we only work with slaughterers who follow all of the proper guidelines for treating each animal humanely. We take great care in handling your animals.

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How do we ensure the quality of your livestock from start to finish?

On the processing floor, the butchers are handed cut-sheets the clients fill out before dropping off the animal(s). The cut-sheet is specific to what cuts the client wants from each animal and how they want the packaging like; weights, sizes, thickness, how many steaks per pack, and much more, or have the choice of using butcher's standards on the cut sheet, to make it easier for you.

We use high-quality cryo-vacuum sealed packaging to ensure the highest quality packaging. Cryo-vacuum sealing guarantees the meat's quality for three years. We keep our processing place cold, and as they get packaged, they go directly into the freezer so as not to lose coloring from the oxidation process.

We place them on freezer-racks piece by piece, so they freeze correctly, and we do not put cuts on top of each other, because what will happen is the meat will squish and freeze in a deformed shape. It will cause uneven cooking when you throw it on the grill or the oven. Every rack is a label with the client's name. We micromanage every step from beginning to finish to ensure the highest quality service.

Our Butcher Shop in New York

Like most people, the thought of entering a butcher shop can be a bit intimidating. It can be overwhelming to start cooking all that meat. There's so much around. Meat lovers are always asking around "What is the best Butcher shop near me in New York? Well, Catskill Packing can be the answer to your question if you want a great source of fresh, high-quality meat and an excellent resource for information on how to cook it. 

We provide only the best locally raised and antibiotic-free meat. So, Catskill Packing Butcher Shop New York is an excellent option if you want to stop eating mass-produced, chemically enhanced meat. The Catskill Packing's butcher shop, Local SlaughterHouse staff, are happy to answer any questions and can often give you helpful tips. Our team can recommend the type of meat you should order if you aren't swell. You can find out what kinds of dives we are best suited for by asking us about the different cuts. And if you're looking for something specific, they can help you find it or order it.

Our SlaughterHouse New York offers a variety of services.

We offer a wide variety of services at our butcher shop, including custom cuts, specialty meats, and more. You can count on us for help with your meat budget and any questions regarding our products or services when you're looking for the perfect steak for your next dinner party or need help choosing the right cuts for your family's favorite recipe. 

Meat that we offer in our butcher shop

Our, SlaughterHouse New York Delivery System, in new york and near you offers various meat options, including beef, Goat, lamb, and chicken. We also have cured, smoked meats. In addition to our regular meat offerings, we also offer seasonal specialty meats, like bison. We can help you with whatever your meet needs are!

With Catskill Packing Slaughter House New York, you can receive your order within one week(the usual turn around time on most products is 48 hours):

Have you been looking for the perfect last-minute gift? Our team has got you covered! Our pre-made, specialized meat packages contain the following:

  • All the best steaks.
  • Roast.
  • Stew and ground beef.
  • Mixed packages that include all our products.

Since the best gifts are always those that are personal and unique, we offer a wide range of options. When you're looking for a specialty item or something more traditional, we're sure to have something perfect for your loved one. So if you need a last-minute, don't hesitate to give us a cWe'llWe'll make sure it arrives on time, no matter what.

When does Catskill Packing deliver?

There is no doubt about your delivery date. You can find your order on the date you select when you place it. Depending on your needs, we offer a variety of shipping options.

Frequestion Asked Questions About Our SlaughterHouse New York

Our address is 1751 wheat hill rd, Sidney Center, NY.

We are custom exempt, but we are going USDA very soon, so reserve a spot while it's still available. Also, all our products are USDA-stamped or covered under our 20c license.

We focus on quality over quantity. We take care of each of our clients. Besides that, we make sure that their animal gets adequately harvested. The cut sheet is followed to the letter and done the Packing correctly and efficiently. Our meat-to-waste ratio is meager because we scrape the bones. Making sure you get as much back as you possibly can.

Yes, we ship and do local delivery. Our shipping is only $20.00, and delivery depends on your nearness to the facility.

Yes, we know how anything and everything can happen on the farm, like the saying ,"Anything that can go wrong ,will go wrong," so we will make accommodations to ensure we can help with these extremely stressful and time-sensitive situations.

Beef is hung in the cooler for 7-10 days and right after, so the turnaround time is 8-12 days after harvest.

Lamb and Goat did as three days if request but usually five days after harvesting 

Venison can be done on the same day if requested but typically in 3-5 days.

If asked, we can hang out for extended periods.

We make fresh bulk sausage, basically its seasoned ground beef for your convenience, also fresh-linked sausages, and smoked sausages. We make hot and sweet sausages and chorizo for spicy lovers. Moreover, we make sujuk as well. These products can be made in bulk, linked, and smoked. We also make Hotdogs, snack sticks, and jerky for our smoked products.

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