About Us

We opened up Catskill Packing Oct 15th 2020 as a service to provide farmers a means to have their livestock processed the way they want it. Before 2020 we processed ourselves for almost 20 years from our backyard to USDA facilities. We are trained in butchery by USDA intensive butchery programs as well as our personal experience. We understand, from the ground up when it comes to raising animals, to having them beautifully sealed in cryo-vacuumed sealed packaging.


       Catskill Packing wants to provide for the local community the best quality and care to each of our clients, because we know how hard it is to raise animals for your friends and loved ones. A lot of blood sweat and tears go into each and every animal. Since October of 2020, we have met and partnered with so many local farmers, butchers, chefs, to either have their livestock processed or provide them a means to get locally produced beef, lamb, goat, and poultry. They love our services because we care about quality not quantity. We want to build Catskill Packing, as a place; farmers, producers, wholesalers, and whoever wants products from farm to table can come, to get superior quality processing and the highest quality beef, lamb, and goat.

For almost 20 years we have been providing beef, lamb and goat to the local communities. We have been raising grass fed lambs for 20 years and being opened since Oct of 2020, we had the pleasure of working with so many farmers and hearing and understanding from their experience. Because we worked hand to hand with them, we can assure the quality and the highest standard of raising livestock when we outsource our Prime Angus Beef, or any lamb and goat. What we see everywhere from out local butcher shops to super markets is mass produced, chemically enhanced, tasteless meat. Our motto is, From Farm to Table, because this is the kind of quality, we want to bring into everyone’s home so they can feed their loved ones fully natural, pasture raised, antibiotic free products.

                We all hear horror stories about how big processing plants end up “losing” meat, to messed up packaging, to getting the wrong beef. What we do is we try and understand why this happens and to make sure it will not happen here. We have many steps to ensure that what ever animal you bring in Is the animal you get back. First thing is when the animal is brought in the name of the client, the animal’s description, tag number is recorded, and this information is logged and also printed on tags, along with the carcass weight. This tag is carried from the harvesting floor all the way into the cooler, and into the processing floor. In the processing floor the butchers are given cutsheets the clients fill out prior to dropping off the animal(s). The cutsheet is exactly what cuts the client wants from each animal and how they want the packaging like; weights, sizes, thickness, how many steaks per pack and much more, or have the choice of using the the butcher's standards on the cutsheet, just to make it easier for you. We use high quality cryo-vacuum sealed packaging to ensure the highest quality packaging. With cryo-vacuum sealing, the quality of the meat is ensured up to three years. We keep our processing place cold, and as they get packaged; they go directly into the freezer, to not lose coloring from the oxidation process. We place them on freezer racks piece by piece so they freeze properly and we do not put cuts on top of each other, because what will happen is the meat will squish and freeze in a deformed shape. What this will do is cause uneven cooking when you throw it on the grill or the oven. Every rack is labeled with the client’s name. This way from beginning to finish we micro manage every step to ensure the highest quality service.

      Whether its praises or criticism we take them both to grow Catskill Packing, because Catskill Packing is for you. We built Catskill Packing to provide excellent processing and so everyone can obtain locally raised products. Without you there is no Catskill Packing. Being butchers and farmers ourselves for almost 20 years we can say this, we love to do this. This is a passion and dream for us and with the support of; NYS Department of Agriculture & Markets, Cornell Corporate ext., Delaware county, our local farmers and producers, and our every day consumers who value what we do and support us, we are able to achieve our goals and dreams by being able to offer this service. We want to say thank you and we are looking forward to working together.