Our Mission

Catskill Packing is dedicated to providing the highest quality butchery and also prides itself on providing exceptional beef, lamb, and goats. All the local farmers are drawn back at the quality of our value-added products from your everyday breakfast sausage to our Savory Hickory Smoked Jerky.

Everyone, from the top butchers, to the gourmet chefs, to the everyday consumer, that has had the chance to try our meat, are extremely satisfied and surprised at the quality and consistency that we provide.


All our beef lamb and goats are produced by local farmers in the north east. All our sourced products are locally raised. The Farmers we chose to produce are Certified Prime Angus beef, goats and lambs are antibiotic free, grass fed, and grain finished, with the highest Quality feed. Every lamb beef and goat are handpicked, to ensure that the highest quality is achieved, every time.

Catskill Packing owns and directly operates their own facility in the heart of the Catskills. We make sure every aspect of the production from harvesting to packaging is beautifully vacuumed sealed. The livestock are treated extremely well before harvesting. They are given water and high quality hay and are able to relax the day before ensuring higher quality yield and comfortably for the livestock. The processing we do produces superior quality in all our cuts and packaging. Our products and our Services keep our partners and our customers coming back time after time.