How it Works

When ordering Retail Items

The processing time for all of the retail items is 2 days. And within 2 days as the items are processed they are shipped towards you mentioned address. 

When ordering Wholesale Beef

After the Beef Cow is ordered, the following Monday it will be harvested.
7-10 days of hanging if no dry aging is required. And from there it will be shipped or a pick up date will be arranged.

When Ordering Whole lambs and goats.

After the Lamb is ordered, the following Monday it will be harvested.
The turn around time after harvesting is 7-10 business days.

How to setup up custom processing with Catskill Packing.

Process For Getting Your Live Stock Processed :-

-Firstly, Call 607-930-4580 and book an appointment also you can reach us through a message here or through Facebook

-After Booking an appointment, fill out the cutsheet and submit it

-On Scheduled date drop off livestocks

-Next day is harvest and you can inquire about the carcass weight for the livestocks

-From 7 days to ten days of harvest date, will be the earliest date to be processed -A time will be arranged for pickups before the processing date. Note: Please bring your own boxes and coolers