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Half Beef | Wholesale Starting at $5.00/lbs

Half Beef | Wholesale Starting at $5.00/lbs

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If you are looking for high-quality beef at a great price? Look no further than Catskill Packing; with numerous cuts of meat, we have something for everyone. Plus, our prices are unbeatable.

If you're looking to buy beef wholesale, we have everything you need. From fresh, whole beef to half beef, we have it all.

Weight- Price Distribution:

Quarter Beef: approx. weight 225 lbs  ($5.51 / lb)

Half Beef: approx. weight 450lbs  ($5.11 / lb)

Whole Beef: approx. weight 900lbs  ($5.00 / lb)


Please check out the Cut Sheet selections. Either you update the fields, if not; the default selection of fields will be considered final.  

How To Proceed:

In order to confirm your order for Half Beef, You need to deposit an amount of $600

This amount will be deducted from your Price of HALF BEEF which is $2,299.

For a more detailed discussion about shipping, delivery, cuts, etc. You can give me a call anytime on the following number. 

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