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The neck cut is best used for stew cubes bone in or boneless
Prime Rib Steak. Most tender and flavorful steak from the beef, and everyone’s favorite
Pot Roast comes from the arm, and stew that comes from the arm is rich in flavor and juices.
Very tough cut, must be cooked low and slow, but if done right it will be very moist, juicy and tender
Extremely flavorful, best for grilling. Both the inside and outside steaks are pulled.
You will get about 25 lb. brisket; we leave it whole so the client can decide how to smoke it the best way.
Cross Cut- Shank cut into disks, best for brazing


Either Porterhouse and T-bone or Tenderloin and New York Strip. New York Strip and tenderloin are porterhouses stripped off the bone
Sirloin- When getting Steaks, you get the tri tip steak and the whole sirloin with the juicy cap still on. They make very good roast and stew as well.
London Broil or steaks is recommended. Usually, a leaner cut
They are on the dryer side, and is usually either grounded or made into a roast Sirloin
Best cooked via slow moist-heat methods like braising.
Great Steaks, fairly tender cut, with lots of flavor, very good for roast and stew as well
Crosscut, great for a slow cook, braising.








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