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Lamb Leg Steaks

Lamb Leg Steaks

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Lamb leg steak is sliced crosswise from the lamb's leg. Roasting an entire lamb leg is a lot of fun, especially for gatherings and parties. But sometimes all you want for dinner is a basic lamb leg steak.

A 1.5-pound lamb leg steak is my goal. This normally results in a height of around 1.5 inches. It's pretty lovely! When coupled with rice and another veggie dish or two, that serving serves two people for lunch/dinner.

A round center bone passes through the centre of the lamb leg steak. After cooking the meat, don't forget to scoop/scrape out the luscious marrow. It's similar to beef bone marrow, except its lamb marrow. Very good.

100% grass-fed prime Goat. State inspected. Or you can also get Leg of Goat.

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